Tiger Temple In Thailand

How would it feel if you are allowed to see and touch a full grown tiger which is out of its cage? I am sure it would be an inspiring experience. If you actually want to perceive this then all you have to do is plan a trip to Thailand.

The Theravada Buddhist temple is settled Saiyok of Thailand and is a unique temple where one will find a numerous wild animals and among them is the majestic tiger. The temple is also known as Tiger Temple because of its tigers.

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The Tiger Temple is settled near the most noted traveler spot the - Bridge Over the River Kwai. The temple is formally known as Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno in Thai language. From 1999 the monks are engaged in taming tigers and all this started when an abandoned tiger cub was found in the nearby forests by villagers who gave the cub to the monks to take care of it. As the news spread, many citizen started bringing orphaned cubs to the temple. Most cubs had lost their mother to poachers and were too young to fend for themselves. Presently there 18 cubs in the temple.

Tiger Temple In Thailand

Every evening the tigers are let out of their cages and taken to a quarry where there is a natural pool in which the tigers have their bath and play. The tigers are fed dry cat food and boiled chicken. The monks take utmost care to ensure that the tigers do not taste blood straight through any food. As the tigers are pretty tamed, visitors visiting them temple can see them from a close distance. At times, they are also allowed to pet and touch the tigers. The visitors leave donations and this is what the monks use to feed the tigers.

In the Tiger Temple, one can see that even tigers have learned to ensue the Buddhist way of life.

Tiger Temple In Thailand

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